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A Guide To Metal roofing

How often do you look at the roof of a house or a shop or a shed? Well, this is exactly why people don’t directly notice the roofing. The latest trend in this is the metal roofing sheets. It’s there, it's everywhere. No matter what kind of a building, metal sheets are used as roofs in various forms or types. Made from Zinc, Copper, as well as Steel alloys, these provide excellent purposes.


The metal roof panels are of various types based on the material composition, patterns and striations, seam types, and so on. Based on the type of material used, they can be made from Galvalume steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc. However, based on the seam pattern, they are off the following types-

  • Standing seam - These involve the metal panels being locked at the edges to form a seam pattern.
  • Exposed fastener metal roofing.
  • Stamped profiles - These are used to get textured surfaces on the metal panel.


Now based on the striations, these can be classified as -

  • Flat sheets – These are sheets that have no pattern on them and are flat.
  • Ribbed sheets – In these, the sheets have indents in the form of V, beads, etc.
  • Striated sheets - These consist of small consistent striations.
  • Corrugated roof sheets - Being one of the most common types for shops and sheds, these have a consistent wavy pattern of the metal panel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using roofing sheets are plenty.  The primary one being the longevity. Metal sheets normally have a life expectancy of as much as the house, and even more at times. Due to the metallic properties of these sheets, they are extremely durable and can withstand rain, hail, snow, as well as other weather conditions. They are also extremely impenetrable and can stop rain and snow from seeping in and can even lead the water and snow out by using the striations such as in a corrugated sheet.


A correctly installed roofing sheet requires a little to almost no maintenance. Being highly recyclable, these are even eco-friendly. Couple these with the cost and speed of installation, metal sheets are the perfect recipe for a roof. What’s even better is that since most of these are insulated roof panels, these are fire and corrosion-resistant. And as a result, protects the house from various unfavorable situations. Also, they have excellent heat reflecting properties, thereby making the building cooler in the summer.


Along with the solid advantages, there are few disadvantages of using shed roofing sheets, house roofing sheets, and other types. The primary one is the cost of the material. Since the metals used are premium metals, they are slightly expensive. However, it is just for the initial cost as the maintenance cost is virtually nothing. Another problem would be the noise it makes. Since the material is a metal, there is possible noise during rain, snowfall, hailstorm, etc that can cause a nuisance to the people living under it. The sheets are also prone to dents. In case of a hail storm, there is a possibility that the sheets can get dented in places.


Conclusion: Despite the few advantages, such as the roofing sheets price, the advantages are far more. Along with this, the fact that some sheets come with a staggering 50 and 100-year warranty, metal sheets are a perfect choice if you are planning to put up roofing sheets. However, keep in mind that based on your purpose, you should choose the type that is best fit for you as this will reflect on the performance of the sheets.

Our home is a place where we ought to feel safe. We take certain precautions in order to feel safe when indoors. We build walls. Well, these walls are generally basic, but they don’t have to be. Boundary wall design is a part of home designing that makes your house look fascinating even from the outside. We build walls to protect ourselves and make our homes complete. The wall used for boundary also defines the area that your house covers. If you want to separate your property, or take precautions for tress-passing, or take care of any such issues, you can build a wall boundary. Also, there are certain rules to building these walls. While you are at it, you need to make sure that your wall does not offend your neighbours or cause any kind of inconvenience to anyone. Everyone has a different kind of house and different kinds of boundaries. Even though boundary walls are basic, not every house can have the same kind of wall for its boundary. There are numerous creative designs even for these basic walls. Some of the common ways to get a boundary walls are as follows:


When you are building a wall at the edges of your house to define the area of your house, you might need a specialist to get you designs for your outer boundary wall design for home. Such designs are generally for tall and fence-like walls and are for protective purposes. These walls are sturdy and can withstand forces.


If you are looking for something fancy and something that can make your house more modern, you can choose the modern boundary wall designs for your boundary wall from this category. These designs can be tech based and more than just basic. They can match with your house with latest design.


Exterior boundary wall designs can be used as boundaries to your lawn or yard. These walls can be tall and normally have basic designs. It is so because there are certain activities that we carry out in the lawn and for the same purpose. The fancy modern design boundary walls are not quite feasible.


Compound walls are tall walls, taller than your house even perhaps. Such walls provide privacy along with protection. Compound wall designs for these walls are mainly basic. These walls also have very compact nature. Compound walls are also built around sports fields like tennis courts and football grounds. These walls need skilled masonry as well.


The basic walls that just give your house protection and are built in such a way that these are friendly enough to keep the children away from harm’s way, are of designed under this category. Home boundary wall design is generally basic and not necessarily fancy and creative.


We all want our house to look attractive. Even though we have basic boundary walls, we can decorate them in the front to make your house look appealing to the visitors. This kind of designing falls in this sort of front boundary wall design of house. These designs are creative and match the design of the walls that make the house stand out from the rest of the houses. It also provides great aesthetics as well as provides security.


Conclusion: As discussed in the article, the boundary walls are basic and have a basic design, it is essential that they are strong enough to withstand hard climatic conditions or any other kind of issues. Building these walls needs exceptional skills in masonry and experienced architects to help you choose the best design as per your need.

Constructing a house can be very tedious. It requires prior permissions. Government laws and taxation can also be overwhelming. At the same time if you are relocating to a new place it is a big task. On the off chance if you are renovating your house or your building is undergoing redevelopment it is important to shift to a temporary home. This home might not provide you with the luxuries of your existing home but it can provide shelter during extreme conditions. This type of home is used for relocations of masses during disasters, for labors or even for corporate officers.

Temporary housing is mainly used for employees of a company who are traveling for business-related activities. They can also be used for labors on a site. These housing solutions can be used for both corporate as well as personal use. This type of housing is provided to those people who do not own permanent home at that instant. These housings can be of different types depending upon the individuals. They can be in the form of camps which are built temporarily for relocation of the population. It can be used even at times of disaster control. This type of housing may not give you the comfort and luxury of your home but they are sturdy enough to withstand weather conditions. They are also equipped with all amenities and provide proper sanitation facilities.

Corporate housing, on the other hand, is a broad concept. It is mainly used for office employees, interns, and other personnel as an alternative to staying in a hotel. This type of housing provides a large area, and costs lesser than convention extended hotel stays. The services and facilities used for this type of housing are also good and customer-oriented. These stays can be used for a month or more. It provides a temporary stay which is private and has all basic amenities like home. Hotels, on other hand, have a lot of guests and the service also varies. These corporate homes are managed by corporate companies. The corporate companies providing housing solutions are as follows:

1) Local and unit-centered companies

These companies have amenities that they can provide on lease and manage them like a hotel.

2) Apartment community furnishes units.

They are managed by individual groups that built, setup and manage as a single unit.

3) Client-centered

These groups create fully furnished apartments for their clients.

The housing used for corporate can relocate and individual, group or even families of individuals.

Low cost housing is a term that is widely used these days. This is mainly used for budget housing plans. This type of housing included home built on a budget. These homes are built using locally available materials. The designs of these homes are created using high-end engineering soft wares. These homes are sturdy similar to conventional homes. The time required for building this home is also very less. They can be used for labor colonies. The cost of building these homes is very less as the finishing operations are not carried out or postponed for later stages. The durability of these homes is high. This type of housing also makes use of energy efficient materials.

 Thus there are different housing plans for various requirements. The materials used for budget housing are environment friendly. They are also energy efficient.  The roofing of these homes also holds importance. These homes have roof panels of high quality. The metal roofing panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, and also provide energy efficient solutions at the same time.

Human beings have several basic needs. Among these, a major basic necessity is toilets. No matter where or how people require to use the washroom because you never know when “nature calls”. Now, imagine if you are stuck at a music concert and want to use the loo, and the closest hotel is at least 1 kilometre away. What would you do? To exactly avoid situations like these, genius equipment known as a portable toilet was introduced.

What exactly is this?

Also known as a porta potty, this form of toilets like the name suggests, are simply portable. Unlike traditional lavatories, these are not attached to pit or septic tank, sewages and such. Instead, literally like the name, they are equipped with a holding tank of sorts that can be easily picked up and moved. Apart from this, they come with chemicals so that there is no bad odour, and the waste is neutralized. In fact, there are even specific companies that help in disposing of the tanks.


According to sources, the first portable bathroom was made by a shipbuilder. The workers performing their work on the ship often had to go to the latrines. As a result, he realized that a large amount of efficiency is lost which were costing them a lot. As a result, he decided to build a temporary toilet that could be positioned on the ship. This was attached with a small tank and made sure that the workers didn’t have to go far to use a toilet.


The portable washroom were made mainly of metal and wood, they were quite clumsy and heavy, and as a result, required a lot of effort to move from one point to another. It even absorbed the odour, thereby causing a foul smell. As the years passed, these materials were replaced with fibre-glass. Being lighter than metal, and as the portability became easier, it still had the issue of bad odour. This was then soon replaced by the plastic toilets that we see today. Significantly lighter and better than metallic and wood, these began quite the spike in this segment. These are used in concerts, festivals, offices, etc, where the possibility of indoor plumbing doesn’t exist.

The advantages

The benefits of using a mobile toilet are numerous. Some of these include -

Convenience - The most obvious one of them all. These portable washrooms ensure that people working or located in areas without indoor plumbing can use a washroom without any difficulty.

Versatility - Due to the portable nature of this, it can be put up in pretty much any area as long as the ground is flat. In fact, in a lot of cases, these potties are provided with a ramp as well for physically handicapped people to be able to use them easily.

Cost-effectiveness - Stationing a temporary washroom can be cheaper than building a permanent facility.


How is it made?

Temporary toilets these days are made from plastic or other strong lightweight polymers. The design of this is quite straightforward. It is simply contains a cabin, also known as a cabana, and a toilet unit inside it. Since it is not connected to a sewage or septic tank, a pump and a holding tank take care of this. These are then fastened with the help of screws, nails, rivets, bolts, and hinges. The toilet is also equipped with a chemical supply system to make sure good sanitation is maintained.


All in all, considering the busy pace of life these days, and with several activities being performed outdoors, a portable restroom is becoming a basic necessity. Along with this, the low portable toilet price has made it easier for companies to install these.

temporary home


Constructing a house can be a big task. One has to consider multiple factors while building a new house. The first factor to consider is the cost of the land. Next is the holding capacity of the sand. This determines how much cost is required for laying the foundation of the house. A foundation is the base of the house on which the house stands firm. There are also multiple other factors that have been related to the house construction cost. The construction cost is a very crucial factor for constructing any house. However, a new solution has now come up which will help save large costs associated with the same.

Low cost housing is the new concept of building budget friendly houses. Low cost housing makes use of locally available materials and labor to build a house. There is a myth that houses build by this concept are not sturdy. But one should understand that the strength of these houses is the same as the traditionally built homes.

 Low cost house design is another important factor. The design of these houses is made using engineering soft wares, and they implement new design principles and technology to construct these homes. These homes are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and also to withstand longer life. Engineering principles applied to these homes are highly reliable and a lot of thoughts are put into the basic design if the house. The houses are custom designed and

The construction of these houses requires very less time. These homes are constructed by locally available labors thus saving large costs associated with transportation. These houses are constructed as per traditional homes however the finishing operations are postponed or avoided totally. Low cost house construction is widely used for labor colonies, temporary housing camps or even for relocating people when their homes are destroyed due to natural calamities. The materials used in these houses are of high quality however they do not provide very good aesthetics.

A low budget house is useful for populations with lower income rates. As these houses have the same strength and performance they tend to last longer. These houses are built by proper planning of resources. Multiple changes are made in conventional ways to build these houses and thus help save a lot of capital. For instance, the plinth area is reduced by making use of thin walls. Also, in terms of materials soil and cement blocks can be used instead of bricks. Make use of energy efficient materials. Use of eco-friendly materials over conventional materials is quite popular. For instance, one can use R.C.C. frames for doors and windows and avoid the use of conventional wooden frames for doors thus saving large cost and labor involved with it. Proper planning of each component that forms the part of the house is very important. By the proper planning and implementation it becomes easy to avoid material wastage. The plans should be checked multiple times to avoid wastage. As stated earlier the foundation also has a large impact on the cost associated with the house construction. Foundation depth can be reduced if possible based on the quality of the sand. Different types of foundations can also be used. Arch or ream foundation can be used as per the recommended soil quality.

Conclusion: Thus low budget housing is quite popular these days and extensively used for populations having low-income rates. Low budget house plans are drafted for building homes for these communities. This will help to reduce the high cost and also beneficial in areas where lesser space is available.



Roofing is a very essential part of any structure. It can be used in an industrial shed or a factory set up to provide a cover to the structure from all types of weather conditions. Industrial roofing forms an important part of the buildings used for industrial applications. The roofs used for industrial structures need to be selected carefully based on their design, application, and sizes. There are multiple designs and types of sheets used for roofing. The materials used in these roofs are also of different types. The manufacturing methods used for making these sheets are also different. Although the use of metal roofs is quite popular for multiple structures what makes a difference is the shape of the metal sheets. Following are the different types of sheets of corrugated shape and their uses for multiple applications.

Corrugated sheet is one major type of sheet used for versatile industrial applications. These sheets are widely used for roof purlins. They offer multiple benefits. They are long lasting, durable and offer excellent protection to your homes and other structures. These sheets are rippled or corrugated to make the structure sturdy. The wavy shape of these sheets makes the structures strong. These sheets are light in weight. They have a longer lifespan as compared to other sheets. Due to the shape, these sheets have larger a surface area. This makes the sheet strong enough to sustain bends. These sheets can also sustain fire as they are made of metal. Thus they can be used safely in applications where heat is involved.

These sheets offer excellent protection from the weather and other environmental factors. They are resistant to rains, sun, and even wind. They can withstand harsh weather conditions. These sheets provide excellent roof insulation. The rippled shape of these sheets can help reflect heat and light from the surface of the sheets. The sun rays are thus reflected and the building remains cool on the interiors. As less heat is allowed to pass through these sheets it prevents the home from heat during summer. This also saves the energy as less amount of energy is used for keeping the house cool.

Thus these sheets are widely used in multiple applications. They can be used as industrial structures or even for housing applications. They can be used are roofs for cold storage houses and can provide excellent protection. These sheets are used commonly for house roof sheet. They are quite popular for small houses and colonies where metal roofing is installed.  They are the most preferred sheets for metal roofing. For housing applications they can also be used as roofs of garage sheds, weather sheds roofs, they can provide an excellent shed for your garden or can be also installed for your vehicle parking shed.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned advantages associated with the corrugated metal sheets, is what makes them popular. These sheets give your house and structure the perfect protection, making them last longer and weather resistant. When it comes to aesthetics these sheets also provide excellent looks, thus ensuring double purpose. The metal roofing sheets price is also economic as it is a one -time investment. Owing to the longer life span the cost associated with these sheets is quite acceptable. Thus these sheets are easily available with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers. They are available in multiple shape and sizes and different material grades. A lot of constructors and builders prefer these sheets owing to their versatile nature. They are also available as PVC corrugated roof sheets. These sheets come into different colors and design patterns for aesthetics.

PUF Panels

Industrial sheds have been widely used in different industries. The industrial sheds have multiple uses they can be used as warehouses, tool sheds, assembly plants, storage sheds, weather sheds, and many more. The use of prefab structures as sheds is quite popular. These sheds are readily available in different sizes and can be transported and assembled at the factory locations. A reputed industrial sheds manufacturer will help you select the right shed for your requirement.

To build an industrial shed the basic structure of the shed can be made using prefab structures. These structures are made of steel members and can be easily assembled with the help of bolted connections. The fabrication requirements for these sheds are also very low. The roofs of these structures require an important member called purlins. The purlins are available in different structures based on the manufacturing methods. They are classified as C or Z purlins. The classification is carried out based on the method of manufacturing. Steel purlins are popularly used in the construction given to their high strength and other properties. A lot of steel purlin suppliers have different sizes of Z purlins.

The roofs of the industrial sheds are also an important part of the design. The roofs of the sheds should be energy-efficient. They should be sturdy and should withstand all weather conditions. Durable roofs are available in different sizes with a lot of roof sheet suppliers. The color coated roofing sheets are also widely used these days. They are available with multiple suppliers easily.

Sandwich panels are composed of different compositions. They are mainly used for walls of the structure or for creating partitions. The sandwich panels for wallscan be used for sheds used in cold storage application. In cold storages thermal insulation is essential and it is provided by sandwich panels. These panels are also used for sound insulation and they are fireproof. They can be installed for considerable heights. These panels are available in different sizes and are very easy to install. The maintenance requirement for these panels is also very less.

The above-mentioned method and materials can also be used for container homes or offices. As the name suggests these offices are made of storage containers which are widely available in multiple sizes. They can be furnished for interiors. These structures made of containers are energy efficient. They can also be moved from one place to another. Container office in India is widely seen at a lot of construction sites.

Precast homes are popular these days. The precast houses are made of precast concrete. The use of precast concrete gives an upper edge over traditional concrete in terms of design flexibility and other qualities. Precast houses in India can be seen at multiple places like big buildings as well as luxury villas.

Conclusion: Thus the industrial sheds build using new materials and engineering techniques can help save the cost as well the time required to build these sheds. The use of energy efficient materials like roofing sheets to sandwich panels makes them durable and sturdy. PU sandwich panel manufacturers can also provide with excellent installation services for the same.

One often comes across multi-story structures and wonders about their structure and strength of such buildings. The multi-story building which is 35 to 100 meters tall is called as a high rise building. These buildings are often referred to as skyscrapers. These building structures are made up of reinforced concrete and steel.



Metal buildings are structures made of galvanized steel and wooden frames. They are designed in such a way that they are easy to install and last for a longer duration as compared to traditional structures. These buildings are classified into multiple types namely residential, commercial and industrial.  Residential structures include tool sheds, bards, garages, and workshops.  Commercial uses include storage units while industrial sectors make use of these buildings as manufacturing facilities or storage of heavy equipment. They can also be for agricultural applications.



Steel buildings are metal structures which are made of steel. They are fabricated with steel for internal support as well as cladding the exterior sides. These buildings are used for various purposes like storage or accommodation. They can be also used as workspaces.  They are also classified into different types depending on their uses. These buildings are classified as straight walled or arch buildings and clear span or multi-span. Straight walled buildings often include rigid frame structures and designs. Arch types are often associated with curved roofing and are mainly used in agricultural applications. These are also economic for certain designs. Clear span buildings are often associated with internal construction. Long bay or multi-span are designed for their use in bay spans over 35 feet. Advantages associated with a building made of steel include high strength and cost-effective structures. These structures are structurally sound and can be built to high tolerances. Steel is also easy to install and does not warp, buckle or twist easily.




Pre-fab buildings are in high demand these days. The prefab structures are manufactured at the company and then transported to the actual site. These buildings are easy to install as they can be installed with bolted fittings. The design of these buildings makes use of high-end software thus eliminating possible errors and problems associated with conventional design methods. These structures are also durable and have high strength and are energy efficient. They often cost less as compared to traditional buildings. These structures are also movable which makes them popular.





Pre-engineered buildings require very less time for construction. These structures require low maintenance. These buildings have a high warranty period associated with them. They are available in multiple sizes and designs are per requirements. All manufacturers of PEB provide service facility along with the warranty of these structures. Weight is also an essential factor for these buildings. They weigh 30% less compared to conventional metal structures.


Conclusion: Thus Pre-engineered metal buildings are in high demand these days and most preferred in all sectors of the industry. They are available locally with a lot of manufacturers. Their popularity and use in all sectors are what has made them a recent trend in construction today.



Roofing Sheet


Pre-engineered buildings are gaining a lot of popularity. New technology for designing and installation has made these structures the first choice among many others. Prefab houses are seen at a lot of places in India. These houses have a sturdy construction, can withstand all sorts of weather conditions at the same time they are economical too.

In housing applications, the use of prefab structures is gaining popularity. These houses are made of steel structures which are made off-site and then transported and assembled at the actual site with the use of bolted connections. Fabrication requirement for these houses is also very less. The materials used for these houses are also energy-efficient and economic. Thus, the overall time required to build these structures is very less. The prefabricated house cost is therefore very less as compared to traditional houses.

Apart from housing, industries also make use of these structures. A PEB shed design is a quite popular application in the industrial sector. These sheds are used as tool sheds, for manufacturing sheds, or even are warehouses. These sheds are used at a lot of places in food processing industries, atmosphere controlled application, prefab buildings, storage houses for perishables any many more.

In cold storage applications, the use of prefab structures has become extensive these days. These structures are made of steel framing and their walls are made of PUF panels. These panels are used in cold storage as they provide excellent insulation properties. They can be easily assembled and disassembled. They can also be used to create partitions in large rooms. The PUF panel for cold storage is designed in such a way that they interlock to form any size of cold storage room. These panels are designed for different parts of the room like walls, floor, ceilings, etc.

Portable offices are also another widely used application of prefab structures. The portable office cabins can be moved from one place to another. They are sturdy in construction and can withstand all weather conditions. These offices can be used as security cabins or as offices. They have all the necessary furniture and well-equipped sanitation facilities. These cabins can be used at construction sites or even at housing developments. These offices are available with a lot of suppliers. They can even be bought on rent. These structures make use of energy efficient materials.

Apart from the above applications a lot of buildings also make use of Pre-engineered structures. At places where there is a requirement for less weight, the use of light concrete panels is essential. These panels are made of specially designed materials and engineered to fulfill low weight applications. They can be used as walls or even as partitions. These panels are quite extensively used for green building technology.

Sandwich panels are widely used in construction these days. The wall sandwich panels are available in multiple designs and features. These panels are designed to provide high thermal and sound insulation. They are available in various compositions that can be used for different applications.








Do you want to start a construction site? One should have a fair idea about the recent trends and engineering application if they want to get into the construction business. New technologies come up every day thus providing a lot of options and varieties to choose from. Detailed knowledge of these things is therefore necessary. If you are an already established PEB company you should make sure you have the following essentials available for your customers.

A container site office is a basic essential for any contractor who wishes to start new construction. These offices are important as they depict your customer service. The site office, therefore, needs to be good aesthetically as well as sturdy. These offices make use of energy-efficient materials and can be customized for required interiors. They have all the essential furniture and sanitation facilities. They can be used as a single office or can even offer multiple offices.

These offices make use of wall panels for partitions. These panels are available in multiple sizes and colors. They can be used as a wall partition and can offer privacy. They are soundproof. These panels require very low maintenance and can be easily installed. These wall panels in India are used widely in multiple industries.

Another important essential is the provision of a sanitation facility. When one wants to start construction they should also keep in mind the availability of toilets at the sites. If at all your site is located at remote locations the use of portable toilets is convenient. These portable toilets can be moved from one place to another. They have all the essential plumbing. These toilets can also be bought on rent. A lot of toilet suppliers also provide maintenance and service facilities with these toilets. They can be bought on rent or even purchased. If you require these toilets for multiple sites the best option is to buy them. In this way, they can be used as and when required. At times when they are not needed, they can be kept away or you can even rent them.

If you have multiple sites that are operational at the same duration for shorter spans a portable office cabin is a must. These cabin offices are made of containers. If you have already purchased a portable cabin as your office you can even alter it for other uses when required. It can be used as security cabins or even as labor camps by modifying a few factors. A lot of portable cabin suppliers provide these cabins at affordable prices.

EPS concrete i.e. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) concrete is used because of its lightweight property. They are used especially in green constructions. They have advantages like sound and thermal insulation. They are easy to shape and therefore can be used at a variety of places. These are mainly used lightweight construction applications.

Conclusion: Thus, the above factors are very important before starting a construction site. The use of sandwich panel house is also gaining popularity.