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PEB  buildings are quite extensively used these days. Prefabricated steel structures are used in a lot of applications ranging from houses to different industries. For commercial uses, they are used as manufacturing sheds, tool sheds, canopies, and cold storages, etc. These structures have multiple benefits. They are eco-friendly and energy efficient. As these structures make use of locally available materials they are also less costly. As compared to conventional structures these structures require lesser time for construction and also have great aesthetics. Here is a detailed piece of information on how these structures are used in various applications.

A steel structure building is a type of preengineered structure. This building is made as per the customer’s requirement off-site and then assembled at the desired location. This structure is assembled with the help of bolted connection and little fabrication. Due to the use of steel these structures are sturdy, weatherproof and durable. They also have more life as compared to conventional buildings.

The fabrication is provided by the manufacturer himself. If any extra fabrication is required it can be provided with a lot of service providers. Steel fabrication services in Mumbai are extensively offered by  a lot of service providers.

Another application of prefab structures is the site offices. Offices at the construction sites are required for temporary use. They also need to be moved as and when required or as per the progress of the construction. A site office should be sturdy and well designed as it represents your construction progress. These structures which are prefabricated are available with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers.

Pre fabricated offices make use of locally available materials. They have energy efficient roofing and are well insulated. These offices are built as per required size and shapes and transported to the site. They make use of colors roofs. These offices can also be customized and have proper sanitation facilities. These offices can be used for a single or multiple rooms. They have soundproof panels and efficient lighting. These offices can also be custom made and can be designed as per required interiors.

A porta cabin room is also used for different purposes. It is also a type of pre-engineered structure. These cabins can be used as storage for raw materials, as garage sheds or even as houses. Container homes are widely used in a lot of places.

The roofs of all the above structures are made of color coated profile sheets. These sheets are sturdy and provide amazing aesthetics. They are available in a different sizes. These are available in different range of prices and quality. These sheets are available with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers.

Thus, Preengineered structures are used in wide applications. They have multiple features and are cost efficient as well as eco-friendly. The time required for their construction is also very less as compared to conventional buildings. One should opt for a trusted PEB company in India for these structures.



Looking at the modern offices and homes today, one often wonders about their cost and the high-tech technology used in their designing and construction. While these offices look attractive they have a very affordable cost. At the same time they also have many attractive features. The use of prefab buildings is the answer to all your questions.

Pre-fabricated housing has gained a lot of popularity these days. It refers to the use of structures that are fabricated off-site and then installed on site. The installation process is also very easy and time saving. The structures are assembled with the help of bolted connections and require very less fabrication. These structures are made of steel members. They are sturdy and durable. Prefab houses are seen at multiple places these days. They have an appearance similar to conventional homes. These homes however, are more energy efficient and economic.

A wall panel forms an essential part of your construction. It is very important to select the panels of the walls wisely. These are available in various categories and prices.

An Expanded Polystyrene Boards homes also called as an EPS sandwich panel house is widely used these days.  These are widely used for the construction of homes and offices. The use of these panels provides greater flexibility in design. They are available in various colors and designs. They are weather proof and maintenance free. These EPS panels are light in weight and can be used at any place for construction.

When it comes to site offices the first and foremost important thing is the layout of the office. The office designs form an integral part of different factors. An office needs to be safe, should provide enough privacy at the same time it should also include all the essential facilities. Especially if it is based on the site it is important to have basic sanitation facilities.

A portacabin office is the most preferred choice for offices based at the sites. These offices are made of energy efficient materials and have good aesthetics. They are available in various standard sizes. Customized offices can also be made. These offices can accommodate single offices to multiple offices. They have all the basic amenities. These offices also require very less cost for building and can be easily transported from one place to another. The time required to build these homes is very less. They can be used as homes, offices, labor camps depending upon their use.

Color coated sheets are widely used for prefabricated structures. Be it homes or office the use of these sheets has become widely popular. These sheets are widely available with a lot of suppliers and manufacturers.

Conclusion: Thus the modern day solutions to all your housing and office needs can be fulfilled with the use of already fabricated and assembled on site structures. EPC i.e Engineering, Procurement and Construction is a well known method of contracting agreement. It is widely used in the construction industry. EPC solutions & services are widely provided by all reputed contractors.






A lot of PEB companies in India are gaining popularity these days. The consumers have finally shifted from traditional methods and have started adopting new means of construction like PEB buildings. PEB structures are pre-engineered buildings that are made off-site and then installed on-site with the means of bolted connections. These buildings are made of steel structures and have high strength and durability.

These structures have multiple uses in different sectors. They can be used as houses. In industrial sectors, these structures are used as offices, sheds, warehouses, tool sheds, production units and many more. Industrial sheds made of PEB structures are gaining a lot of demand in the market. They are easily available today with a lot of industrial shed manufacturers.

Houses are other major applications of PEB’s. The houses made of these structures are as sturdy as traditional homes and require less construction time. The cost of prefabricated houses in India is also very less. These homes are energy efficient as they are made of materials that are eco-friendly. They are available in different sizes and shapes and can also be customized. Different colors for roofing structures are also available.

One common myth associated with these houses is that they do not have good aesthetics. These houses can be designed as per your own requirement also. One needs to provide the new house design in India to the manufacturers for customized solution. They can be given amazing interiors and look exactly like traditional houses. It often becomes difficult to differentiate between the two.

These houses use different energy efficient materials. They have roofing systems made of color-coated roofs. The walls of the houses can also be made of PUF panels for insulation and design purposes. Some suppliers also have readymade walls for the house for sale in different sizes and designs. They can also be used for partition.

A lot of luxurious houses made use of PEB structures. These state of the art dwellings are also energy efficient and have amazing looks. A lot of villa designs in India are based on the use of PEB structures.

Another application of PEB is for toilets. The portable toilets in India are easily available with a lot of suppliers. These structures have proper sanitation facilities as well and efficient plumbing system. They can be used for sanitation purposes at social gatherings or for office use on construction sites.

Container homes are also used widely these days. The two important factors behind the use of these homes are less cost and time for construction associated with them. The container house price in India is quite less and they are widely available with a lot of suppliers.

Thus the use of PEB structures for different application is gaining a lot of popularity in India. From personal use structures to large industrial buildings they can be applied at multiple places. These structures are easily available with a lot of PEB manufacturers and suppliers at competitive prices.