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A Guide To Metal roofing

How often do you look at the roof of a house or a shop or a shed? Well, this is exactly why people don’t directly notice the roofing. The latest trend in this is the metal roofing sheets. It’s there, it's everywhere. No matter what kind of a building, metal sheets are used as roofs in various forms or types. Made from Zinc, Copper, as well as Steel alloys, these provide excellent purposes.


The metal roof panels are of various types based on the material composition, patterns and striations, seam types, and so on. Based on the type of material used, they can be made from Galvalume steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc. However, based on the seam pattern, they are off the following types-

  • Standing seam - These involve the metal panels being locked at the edges to form a seam pattern.
  • Exposed fastener metal roofing.
  • Stamped profiles - These are used to get textured surfaces on the metal panel.


Now based on the striations, these can be classified as -

  • Flat sheets – These are sheets that have no pattern on them and are flat.
  • Ribbed sheets – In these, the sheets have indents in the form of V, beads, etc.
  • Striated sheets - These consist of small consistent striations.
  • Corrugated roof sheets - Being one of the most common types for shops and sheds, these have a consistent wavy pattern of the metal panel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using roofing sheets are plenty.  The primary one being the longevity. Metal sheets normally have a life expectancy of as much as the house, and even more at times. Due to the metallic properties of these sheets, they are extremely durable and can withstand rain, hail, snow, as well as other weather conditions. They are also extremely impenetrable and can stop rain and snow from seeping in and can even lead the water and snow out by using the striations such as in a corrugated sheet.


A correctly installed roofing sheet requires a little to almost no maintenance. Being highly recyclable, these are even eco-friendly. Couple these with the cost and speed of installation, metal sheets are the perfect recipe for a roof. What’s even better is that since most of these are insulated roof panels, these are fire and corrosion-resistant. And as a result, protects the house from various unfavorable situations. Also, they have excellent heat reflecting properties, thereby making the building cooler in the summer.


Along with the solid advantages, there are few disadvantages of using shed roofing sheets, house roofing sheets, and other types. The primary one is the cost of the material. Since the metals used are premium metals, they are slightly expensive. However, it is just for the initial cost as the maintenance cost is virtually nothing. Another problem would be the noise it makes. Since the material is a metal, there is possible noise during rain, snowfall, hailstorm, etc that can cause a nuisance to the people living under it. The sheets are also prone to dents. In case of a hail storm, there is a possibility that the sheets can get dented in places.


Conclusion: Despite the few advantages, such as the roofing sheets price, the advantages are far more. Along with this, the fact that some sheets come with a staggering 50 and 100-year warranty, metal sheets are a perfect choice if you are planning to put up roofing sheets. However, keep in mind that based on your purpose, you should choose the type that is best fit for you as this will reflect on the performance of the sheets.

Our home is a place where we ought to feel safe. We take certain precautions in order to feel safe when indoors. We build walls. Well, these walls are generally basic, but they don’t have to be. Boundary wall design is a part of home designing that makes your house look fascinating even from the outside. We build walls to protect ourselves and make our homes complete. The wall used for boundary also defines the area that your house covers. If you want to separate your property, or take precautions for tress-passing, or take care of any such issues, you can build a wall boundary. Also, there are certain rules to building these walls. While you are at it, you need to make sure that your wall does not offend your neighbours or cause any kind of inconvenience to anyone. Everyone has a different kind of house and different kinds of boundaries. Even though boundary walls are basic, not every house can have the same kind of wall for its boundary. There are numerous creative designs even for these basic walls. Some of the common ways to get a boundary walls are as follows:


When you are building a wall at the edges of your house to define the area of your house, you might need a specialist to get you designs for your outer boundary wall design for home. Such designs are generally for tall and fence-like walls and are for protective purposes. These walls are sturdy and can withstand forces.


If you are looking for something fancy and something that can make your house more modern, you can choose the modern boundary wall designs for your boundary wall from this category. These designs can be tech based and more than just basic. They can match with your house with latest design.


Exterior boundary wall designs can be used as boundaries to your lawn or yard. These walls can be tall and normally have basic designs. It is so because there are certain activities that we carry out in the lawn and for the same purpose. The fancy modern design boundary walls are not quite feasible.


Compound walls are tall walls, taller than your house even perhaps. Such walls provide privacy along with protection. Compound wall designs for these walls are mainly basic. These walls also have very compact nature. Compound walls are also built around sports fields like tennis courts and football grounds. These walls need skilled masonry as well.


The basic walls that just give your house protection and are built in such a way that these are friendly enough to keep the children away from harm’s way, are of designed under this category. Home boundary wall design is generally basic and not necessarily fancy and creative.


We all want our house to look attractive. Even though we have basic boundary walls, we can decorate them in the front to make your house look appealing to the visitors. This kind of designing falls in this sort of front boundary wall design of house. These designs are creative and match the design of the walls that make the house stand out from the rest of the houses. It also provides great aesthetics as well as provides security.


Conclusion: As discussed in the article, the boundary walls are basic and have a basic design, it is essential that they are strong enough to withstand hard climatic conditions or any other kind of issues. Building these walls needs exceptional skills in masonry and experienced architects to help you choose the best design as per your need.

Constructing a house can be very tedious. It requires prior permissions. Government laws and taxation can also be overwhelming. At the same time if you are relocating to a new place it is a big task. On the off chance if you are renovating your house or your building is undergoing redevelopment it is important to shift to a temporary home. This home might not provide you with the luxuries of your existing home but it can provide shelter during extreme conditions. This type of home is used for relocations of masses during disasters, for labors or even for corporate officers.

Temporary housing is mainly used for employees of a company who are traveling for business-related activities. They can also be used for labors on a site. These housing solutions can be used for both corporate as well as personal use. This type of housing is provided to those people who do not own permanent home at that instant. These housings can be of different types depending upon the individuals. They can be in the form of camps which are built temporarily for relocation of the population. It can be used even at times of disaster control. This type of housing may not give you the comfort and luxury of your home but they are sturdy enough to withstand weather conditions. They are also equipped with all amenities and provide proper sanitation facilities.

Corporate housing, on the other hand, is a broad concept. It is mainly used for office employees, interns, and other personnel as an alternative to staying in a hotel. This type of housing provides a large area, and costs lesser than convention extended hotel stays. The services and facilities used for this type of housing are also good and customer-oriented. These stays can be used for a month or more. It provides a temporary stay which is private and has all basic amenities like home. Hotels, on other hand, have a lot of guests and the service also varies. These corporate homes are managed by corporate companies. The corporate companies providing housing solutions are as follows:

1) Local and unit-centered companies

These companies have amenities that they can provide on lease and manage them like a hotel.

2) Apartment community furnishes units.

They are managed by individual groups that built, setup and manage as a single unit.

3) Client-centered

These groups create fully furnished apartments for their clients.

The housing used for corporate can relocate and individual, group or even families of individuals.

Low cost housing is a term that is widely used these days. This is mainly used for budget housing plans. This type of housing included home built on a budget. These homes are built using locally available materials. The designs of these homes are created using high-end engineering soft wares. These homes are sturdy similar to conventional homes. The time required for building this home is also very less. They can be used for labor colonies. The cost of building these homes is very less as the finishing operations are not carried out or postponed for later stages. The durability of these homes is high. This type of housing also makes use of energy efficient materials.

 Thus there are different housing plans for various requirements. The materials used for budget housing are environment friendly. They are also energy efficient.  The roofing of these homes also holds importance. These homes have roof panels of high quality. The metal roofing panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, and also provide energy efficient solutions at the same time.