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There are multiple services providers in the industry today, ranging from fabricators, technicians, toilet suppliers and many such services which are often provided under one roof. Depending on your requirement one can alter or add the services provided. Some of the major factors one has to consider while selecting a service provider is the cost towards it. While you are looking for the right service provider here are a few important services that prove whether your service provider is a perfect one.

If at all you are looking for a household requirement then the most essential and important thing you will have to look for is the company’s toilet suppliers. The brands that they cater to and the plumbing services that are accompanied with it. Make sure they have reputed suppliers and also look into their work portfolio.

When deciding upon the suppliers you can also check if the company has tie-ups with toilet manufacturers as well. A list of reputed brands is always available with your service provider thus depending on various factors like availability, cost added advantages one can decide upon either of the two.

When a company looks for infrastructure requirements or to expand their horizons, it requires a lot of research at the same time it also puts pressure on the service provider to be willing to fulfill all the requirements. While a lot of companies provide infrastructure services which are environmental friendly given to the need of the hour, here are some basic things that can be essential when seeking service providers for corporate infrastructure. PEB structures  i.e. Pre-Engineered building structures are in demand these days. A PEB structure as the name suggests is already fabricated structures of steel.  The steel structure is broadly classified into three sections namely primary framing, secondary framing, and roof sheeting. These systems are fabricated at the factory and then carried to the actual sites. Bolted connections are used and the assembly is easy and hassle-free.

Sandwich panel also form an important part of your commercial as well as household requirement these days. These panels are mostly made up of insulation core bound between two color coated sheets. They are rigid and provide thermal insulation along with other added benefits thus making them a preferred choice these days. Given to their durability, they are used in factories, airport terminals, shopping centers, and many more places.

Conclusion:  Thus, when selecting the right service provider for your needs one can check if the company has a renowned toilet supplier for their household infrastructure needs as a must. While commercial sites seek for an environmental friendly service, which can be cost effective they can also check for Porta Cabins to suffice to their on-site needs.  If a company requires a temporary office facility these cabins serve the best. They have all the amenities and can be transported to different locations as and when required.


Have you been on the lookout for solar panel manufacturers in India? Are you seeking the best companies that manufacture different types of solar panels? Then you’re reading the right article. This write-up gives you some of the best solar panel manufacturers in India. But before we delve into it, why don’t we try and explore the types of solar panels that are available in the market?

Types of Solar Panels

Solar has always been the way to go when it comes to generating electricity. However, one of the critical elements that constitute the generation of electricity through solar power is the type of panel used. There are different types of solar panels that are available, including sandwich panels, PUF panels and lightweight concrete panels. Let us look at them in brief.

  • Sandwich Panels

Most solar panels today don’t seem to be able to catch the free power of the sun that is coming to them. So, it would simply be of no use installing solar panels to get solar power, if they can catch only some of the sun’s energy that is thrust upon them. Hence, there is a need to have three layers of solar panels sandwiched together. But that’s not all. Each layer is designed in such a way that it captures different wavelengths of the sunlight. In this way, they can be up to 35% more efficient, which is a huge bargain, as compared to single solar panels, which are only 15% efficient.As far as sandwich panels are concerned, the Indian company EPack Polymers which manufactures them offers a wide range of prefab villas to its customers. Some key highlights of the products made by EPS sandwich panel manufacturers in India or sandwich panels manufacturers in India include longevity, pristine finish, simple design, high-efficiency rating, and not to mention, resistance to cracks.

  • PUF Panels

sandwich panel manufacturersPUF is an acronym for Polyurethane Foam Insulation. Integrating joists, studs, insulation, vapor and not to mention, air barriers, these panels befit a wide variety of applications and are also easy to install. Epack is one of the best when it comes to PUF panel manufacturers in India, offering the best of the best prefabricated PUF panel roofing and wall cladding. Some benefits Epack offers include better thermal and acoustic insulation, energy savings, a durability for lifetime with high loadbearing capacities, water and vapor resistant, flexible when it comes to the design, and not to mention, easy to install and low maintenance costs.

  • Lightweight concrete panels

The EPS wall panels designed by Satec EPS comprises both of exterior panels and not to mention, interior core fillings, forming a lightweight, non-load bearing composite wall panel with the outer panels having 5mm calcium silicate board on either side and polystyrene beads and cement-filled core in the middle. Some of the notable features of these panels include longevity, earthquake resistant, lightweight, easy installing, waterproof, low-cost and reusability.

Solar panels and the harnessing of solar energy is the way of the future. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also easy to use and install. There has been a feeling among people for the need for solar energy. And these companies are the best when it comes to offering all kinds of solar panels.

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