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Constructing a house can be a big task. One has to consider multiple factors while building a new house. The first factor to consider is the cost of the land. Next is the holding capacity of the sand. This determines how much cost is required for laying the foundation of the house. A foundation is the base of the house on which the house stands firm. There are also multiple other factors that have been related to the house construction cost. The construction cost is a very crucial factor for constructing any house. However, a new solution has now come up which will help save large costs associated with the same.

Low cost housing is the new concept of building budget friendly houses. Low cost housing makes use of locally available materials and labor to build a house. There is a myth that houses build by this concept are not sturdy. But one should understand that the strength of these houses is the same as the traditionally built homes.

 Low cost house design is another important factor. The design of these houses is made using engineering soft wares, and they implement new design principles and technology to construct these homes. These homes are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and also to withstand longer life. Engineering principles applied to these homes are highly reliable and a lot of thoughts are put into the basic design if the house. The houses are custom designed and

The construction of these houses requires very less time. These homes are constructed by locally available labors thus saving large costs associated with transportation. These houses are constructed as per traditional homes however the finishing operations are postponed or avoided totally. Low cost house construction is widely used for labor colonies, temporary housing camps or even for relocating people when their homes are destroyed due to natural calamities. The materials used in these houses are of high quality however they do not provide very good aesthetics.

A low budget house is useful for populations with lower income rates. As these houses have the same strength and performance they tend to last longer. These houses are built by proper planning of resources. Multiple changes are made in conventional ways to build these houses and thus help save a lot of capital. For instance, the plinth area is reduced by making use of thin walls. Also, in terms of materials soil and cement blocks can be used instead of bricks. Make use of energy efficient materials. Use of eco-friendly materials over conventional materials is quite popular. For instance, one can use R.C.C. frames for doors and windows and avoid the use of conventional wooden frames for doors thus saving large cost and labor involved with it. Proper planning of each component that forms the part of the house is very important. By the proper planning and implementation it becomes easy to avoid material wastage. The plans should be checked multiple times to avoid wastage. As stated earlier the foundation also has a large impact on the cost associated with the house construction. Foundation depth can be reduced if possible based on the quality of the sand. Different types of foundations can also be used. Arch or ream foundation can be used as per the recommended soil quality.

Conclusion: Thus low budget housing is quite popular these days and extensively used for populations having low-income rates. Low budget house plans are drafted for building homes for these communities. This will help to reduce the high cost and also beneficial in areas where lesser space is available.